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We are very outdoorsy at EllyTotts and our Astroturfed play area lends itself well to all weather outdoor play. Through being outside your child can learn so much and whatever can happen inside, can come out!



We plan 2 activities for each day (a morning and an afternoon one), however we change our plans continuously based on what the children want to do and their ever growing interests. For example in June 2014 we did not plan on having such a good summer!! So our plans of building pyramids and walking like Egyptians soon changed in to plans of boat making, and exploring under the sea in our paddling pool! We also went on many impromtu picnics and walking trips to make the most of the first real summer the little ones have witnessed! We have all our toys and activities easily accessible, including all our arts and crafts, so children can make choices of what they'd like to do from day one. Whatever the weather we have free flow access to outside and encourage all children to go at out at least once a day.


In term time we have school drop offs and pickups so rarely have opportunity to go far, but we regularly visit the local parks, woods, river, farms, playareas, swimming pool and library. We carry out a variety of activities from the Barn each day which can be anything from making scones for snack, to having a penalty shoot out! A favourite ongoing activity is hatching chicks in our incubator! Our first ones are now 20 weeks old and the children have just loved watching them grow in to "real hens"! We'll hopefully soon have some more to add to our coop!


In the school holidays we are able to travel much further a field and explore our wider community. We've recently been to Eureka, Cannon Hall Farm, Yorkshire Air Museum, the National Railway Museum, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Brimham Rocks, fossil hunting at Ravenscar and to Jorvik (York) Viking Festival. We use the holidays to strengthen the bonds between the school children and littleys and to do slightly older/bigger activities (the parachute is much easier with the help of a few 7 year olds).


Elly is a fully qualified swimming teachers registered with the STA. This enables us to frequently visit the local pool and help your children gain more water confidence and extra skills - all within the usual hourly rate!


We are located at:


The Barn
70 Sherburn Street

Cawood Selby


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